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Heavy Star - Iron Meteorite

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Product information "Heavy Star - Iron Meteorite"


Imagine owning a scientific marvel formed in our Solar System 4.5 billion years ago.  This is so long ago, the Earth was still cooling at 440 °F.



Space enthusiasts and astronomers are now free to study these meteorites along with fellow scientists!



This meteorite was traveling through space for billions of years until it fell in Argentina (Campo Del Cielo) 5,000 years ago.  When it entered our atmosphere, it broke up and created at least 26 craters on impact.
This object is among the largest meteorites ever found on Earth, and you will receive a sample of it.



Owning or studying this item is an out of this world experience, which will change your perspective on the Universe, the Earth, and life.




For anyone interested in
space, science or futurism.


Owning a Meteoric Space product
is a unique experience.


Meteorites and tektites are
rarer than gold and have been
prized for thousands of years.


We work with reputable sources
and you get only authentic items.


At least 90% of the meteorite is iron, mixed with other metals. 

On the surface of the object, you'll notice distinctive burn marks and depressions, all characteristics of atmospheric entry at enormous speeds.



Appears to hover in midair,
compelling design.


Scan the barcode and get
detailed information about your item.


Broaden your understanding of our planet and the Universe.


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